The Joint Yorkshire Male Voice Choir

The Joint Yorkshire Male Voice Choir is comprised of singers from ‘Barnburgh Male Voice Choir’, ‘Castleford Male Voice Choir’ and male voice vocal group ‚’The Shiremen‘.

The joint choir was formed in 2019 for the purpose of performing a collaborative concert tour in Riga, Latvia, which helped broaden their musical repertoire and provided a valuable opportunity to collaborate with likeminded individuals who share their passion for choral music.

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Our visit to Vienna, 7 – 10 May 2024, was a kaleidoscope of experiences. Sights and sounds blending with good food and drink, punctuated by musical treats and performing at two concerts.

After successfully negotiating the flight, we travelled by coach to our hotel for a quick turnaround before venturing out for a welcome supper at a nearby inn. We quickly discovered the food portions were very generous and alongside the beer, wine and soft drinks our first meal together was well received.

The next morning, after sampling the generous continental breakfast, we travelled via public transport to St Stephen’s Cathedral in the centre of Vienna. How amazingly efficient the tube trains are … once you’ve got the hang of their rocket propelled acceleration and don’t end up in someone’s lap!

We emerged on Stephansplatz to be met by the gothic majesty of the cathedral.

What a sight it is from outside with its soaring spire and coloured tiled roof.

After a short breather we entered the hallowed space and were honoured to be able to sing two pieces near the entrance. Hearing our men’s voices echoing round this beautiful building with the words of ‘Let there be peace on earth’, was a real treat and attracted the attention of all those visiting at the time. It was to prove to be a fitting warm up for what was to come later in the day.

The afternoon focus was a trip to Gumpoldskirchen, a town about 20km outside Vienna. The town is situated in a traditional wine making region and is the home of MACH4, a 60 strong male voice choir with a prize- winning repertoire.

A huge thank you to Johannes Dietl, his amazing team and the choir MACH4 for such a warm welcome.

We were first treated to a tour of the town led by Christl Binder, a Yorkshire born lady, who made it clear she was delighted to be welcoming a choir from her home country. The town is surrounded by vineyards and the centre has many lovely old buildings.

There was an official welcome from Dagmer Händler, the Deputy Mayor, in the Town Hall which included sampling the excellent local wine.

This gave us a flavour of the generosity and warmth of our hosts.

A plaque with the inscription “Joint male voice of Yorkshire” was attached to the wall of the Town hall for the town’s guest list.

The church of St Michael at the top of the town was the venue for our joint concert and the acoustics were excellent.

The sounds of both choirs were enhanced and showed the rewards of dedicated practice and the true enjoyment of men singing together.

It was a special pleasure for our choir to sing joint items with the excellent MACH4 choir led by the conductors of both choirs.

After singing we walked to a nearby winery and were presented with a fine buffet supper. The wine flowed, food was enjoyed, and relationships strengthened.

Of course, there was singing… almost competitive at times with each group taking turns.

This was a very special evening and the sound of MACH4 singing, ‘Okuthula’, the African Peace Hymn, at the end of the evening will stay with us for a very long time.

The next day was sightseeing with a very knowledgeable guide and then lunch before preparing for our own concert in the Anglican Church of Christ Church, opposite the British Embassy. This required a journey across the city by public transport, which was accomplished with relative ease, bearing in mind the size of the group.

The Yorkshire connection served us well here too, as both the current vicar and members of the congregation had either originated from or worked in Yorkshire. We were given a great welcome by the church ladies and a good size audience assembled to hear our singing.

At a reception in the church rooms afterwards, a short version of ‘On Ilkla Mooar baht ‘at’, filled the air at the request of a ‘Yorkshire Girl’ in the audience.

The journey home across town was made more interesting for some by the wine consumed at the reception. All good fun!

The last full day was at our leisure and was fortunately very sunny. It was to be a day of parks, fountains, rose gardens, palaces, statues and of course coffee and cake.

There was time to reflect on a trip to remember over supper that evening.

Many thanks were given to Andris for his organisational skills and preparing the choir and to Janina for her excellence as an accompanist.

A successful trip and plans made for a reciprocal visit to Yorkshire by MACH4 in 2025.
Watch this space!

Many thanks to Marilyn Deakin – words and Janina Ugule, Mandy Jones and MACH4 – photos.

For more photographs go to the

Photos: Many thanks to Janina Ugule, Mandy Jones and MACH4

This playlist has resulted from a trip to Austria at the invitation of MACH4, a male voices choir from the idyllic village of Gumpoldskirchen on the outskirts of Vienna.

The Joint Yorkshire Male Voices Choir is a voluntary union of amateur singers from a number of different choirs served by our shared Musical Director, Andris Ugulis, and his wife, Janina Ugule, who is also the gifted accompanist for many of these choirs.

You will also note a small core group from within this choir called The Shiremen, who give of their time to learn and practice an extended repertoire.

We trust you will derive happiness from our shared joy of singing.

Many thanks to Jacob and Sarah Benjamin – videos.

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