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37 years on, a reader sees his uncles in BMVC Memory Lane…

Keen-eyed Graham Sims wrote to us recently asking for the date of one of our photos from Past & Present in Memory Lane, shown below, which shows his two uncles, Albert and Mark Sims.

Curiously enough, I had been informed by one of our current members, Dave Story, just last week that the photo concerned, shown below, was from 1982.

It transpired that Mark, sporting a magnificent handlebar moustache, is third from the right in the front row, with Albert fifth from the right in the middle row.

Furthermore also shown in the photo are three of our current members:- Dave Bramley, Peter Atkinson and Dave Story (1st right back row, 3rd left middle row and 2nd left front row respectively – at least I believe so! No doubt I’ll be corrected if not!)